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 Welcome To InterCrest Capital (PVT) Ltd

 InterCrest Capital (Private) Limited is a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of  Zimbabwe. The company was licenced with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in terms of the Money lending and  Rates of Interest Act [Chapter 14:14] after having met all the prescribed requirements. The sole objective of the  company is to provide funding for households and firms, mainly on short-term basis. Our focus is on Small to  Medium Enterprises whose capacity to borrow from traditional banks is limited by the stringent conditions and  bureaucracy.

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 Lending Philosophy

 We are committed to offer short-term funding services in a manner which is consistent with international Core  Client Protection Principles. These Principles were distilled from the path-breaking work of providers, international  networks, and national microfinance associations to develop pro-consumer codes of conduct and practices. The  principles are detailed below:

 Avoidance of Over-Indebtedness

 InterCrest Capital (Pvt) Ltd takes reasonable steps to ensure that credit will be extended only if borrowers have

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